Key West, Day Three

Serious lounging again in the morning, then we walked to Alonzo’s for lunch (excellent, by the way, and very good service). We figured out the recipe for granny smith coleslaw: a small bag of coleslaw mix, chopped granny smith apples sprinkled with lemon juice to keep them from turning brown, and some celery seed dressing – yummy!) We each went our separate ways after lunch, which included rum-tasting at a distillery for some, naps for others. Whoa, was it hot though. Thank God for a/c and the pool.  Manga Manga for dinner, then David, Joyce and I walked a few blocks for more frozen custard. Okay, we’ll resume dieting later.


Dog o’ the band, hot afternoon in Key West

Key West house

Key West house (or church?)


Key West is shifting from bicycles to mopeds. Park your bicycle for too long and it becomes decoration – as so many things in Key West.

Key West-20150718-00918

Pretty porch pots


Just after lunch at Alonzo’s


Stepping out, Joyce wears her new T.

Key West-20150718-00919

Key West Rum Distillery Signage

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