The Cruise

Our first trip together was a cruise from Venice down the Adriatic, up around the boot, through the Straits of Messina, and finally to Rome.

We all agreed, the best parts of the trip were Venice and the Amalfi Coast, Positano particularly.  We’d all go back in a heartbeat.

20131017_14055720131017_153030 Lunch in Venice2013-10-23 08.25.35     2013-10-21 13.01.0420131021_112654 20131024_10152020131025_12341920131021_112759 20131021_112810 20131021_113954 Untitled-22013-10-26 11.28.34 20131025_114650   Untitled-420131027_113928  20131028_08393920131027_145301 2013-10-28 15.50.1120131026_12032920131028_131025

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