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Key West, Day Two, July 17

We lounge on our third-story porch with coffee and banana bread in the (relative) cool of the morning, waiting for Nancy and Bonell to arrive.  David swims with his friends while the rest of us wander Duval Street and stop for lunch at Caroline’s Cafe.  Oh, it’s hot, but we walk along the waterfront boardwalk making note of even more places to eat (we have our priorities straight), briefly consider renting bikes (probably not such a good idea for some of us), do some shopping to cool off from time to time, stop for a frozen custard – oh the best! – and revive in the cool air of our Key West home. Then the hovering clouds let loose and rain – hard!

After the rain, well, it might just be time to eat again. Dinner is conch chowder, and okay, a bucket or two of rib bones and a plate of nachos, at Turtle Kraal on the Caroline Street wharf where we are promised turtle races at 7.  So at 8, since there are no turtles (we are actually told they are “stuck in traffic”) we leave – Joyce and I to watch the sunset from the wharf and Bonell, Nancy and David to Mallory Square hoping for cats doing tricks and other excitement.  Joyce and I find excitement of a different kind, the two silly English gentlemen who very kindly returned my purse – yes I did leave my purse on a pier bench – and then attempted to stick like glue for about two minutes (we are old and made of Teflon – you don’t fool with us). However they are my heroes for returning my purse complete with money, credit cards and EVERYTHING! I took their picture, but Joyce forbids me to post it. Joyce can be stern.


Lunch at Caroline’s Cafe


Oh well, you know, Key West


Our Key West home

2015-07-17 20.44.00-1

Sunset from the Caroline Street Wharf

2015-07-17 20.42.28

The Western Union – or was that FedEx?

2015-07-17 08.48.13

Lazy morning on our porch. Joyce (with David’s knees)


Conch chowder at Turtle Kraal


Walking home


After the rain

After the rain


Key West skies over the waterfront


Turtle race track, waiting in vain for turtles.

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A trip to Key West, Day One, July 16

We stop at No Name Pub on Big Pine Key, a favorite of Bonell’s, for lunch, and eat fish under all the money hung from the walls and ceiling. Nancy and Bonell have a dollar bill hanging there in honor of their two mothers and their 50th anniversary. We eat so much we can’t have dinner later!  After we arrive at Island City House, we walk to the grocer and pick up cheeses, sausages and other snacks, which more than make up for any canceled dinner plans.  Sunset from the 4th floor roof!

2015-07-16 11.57.14


We arrive home.


David and Robin, No Name Pub


Bonell and Joyce, No Name Pub

20150716_2036152015-07-16 20.03.102015-07-16 20.13.15A

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