About the ROYL travel club

Russell said, “This is the travel club everyone wants into, but once you get in, you’re in for the rest of your life.”  Just a teeny bit overstated perhaps, but it suggested our name.

We’re a group of friends who enjoy traveling together – Russell, Christopher, Bonell, Nancy, Sally, Jim, Robin, Margaret, Joyce, and Jo-Ann.  Actually, not everyone wants into our club (we only wish they did), and people drift in an out of our trips and our planning sessions at Scotty’s over lunch and beverages.  Mutual friends who want to join in?  Absolutely – although we are  not quite as user-friendly as we would like to think.  Traveling together takes lots of, shall we say, elasticity.  Sweetness helps also – or if sweetness can’t be mustered, quietness.

The rest of our lives?  Well yes, easy for us to say.  Most of us are over 70 – but as Russell (much younger than 70) put it, we’re all entertaining and we can keep up.  After all, these are the years, and the travels, we’ve been waiting for!


3 thoughts on “About the ROYL travel club

  1. Russell Corbett

    What a great set-up Robin! I especially love the cover photo which if I’m not mistaken, was taken during our 2nd adventure which was the weekend in Maine for my wedding! That makes Tuscany the 3rd adventure for ROYL Travel Group…


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