Castellari in Castellina in Chianti and beyond

We toured a winery yesterday – oh how beautifiul!  Bonell liked all the wines we tasted, but he has hardly ever met a wine he doesn’t like.  I’ll leave it at that.  Of course the countryside was exquisite and continues to amaze with each turn in the road – and there are lots of turns.  We drove to Castellina in Chianti – a lovely town – where we had lunch in a little piazza.  From there we went to the winery, having gotten directions from a shop keeper.

IMG_5685 IMG_5691 IMG_5732 IMG_5737 IMG_5755 IMG_5765 IMG_5775 IMG_5802

Today we went to Firenze by train from Siena.  Yes, we saw the David.  Yes, we saw the doors of the Baptistry.  Yes, we went into the Duomo.  And yes, it was crowded and chaotic.  We can’t imagine what it would have been like in July.

Thanks to Sally and Joyce for the pictures below of David and the doors to the Baptistry.  The real doors are being restored and have been replaced by these fake ones.  Since we are “of an age,” none of us will see the real doors in our lifetime.

Gates of ParadiseDavidBack DavidFront

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3 thoughts on “Castellari in Castellina in Chianti and beyond

  1. I loved Firenze. Have you noticed that 6 of panels from the doors to the baptistery are hanging in the house? Reproduction bronze plates from the Bradford exchange.


  2. David

    Dies this statue make my butt look big?


  3. corbetre

    You’ll have to tell us all about the Duomo… last October when we were there on our way to meet you in Venice the crowds were so large that we never tried to get into the Duomo. I do regret it but… We’ll just have to go back!


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