Daily Archives: October 6, 2014

Success. Or not.

photo 2The good news: We can get to and from parking outside the Siena train station; we can buy groceries (and wine!); we have a game plan for getting into Siena tomorrow; we now have a car that seats seven – so no more getting separated in traffic; AND, our Internet is back, at least for now. The bad news:  We have done a lot of driving around, looking unsuccessfully for parking in Siena. What did we learn?  Park at the train station and take a taxi or a bus.  Do this in the morning.  As Joyce put it, “Less pissing around, more sightseeing time for us.”

Tonight we cook pasta funghi with chicken broccoletti and zucchini Toscana.  We drink wine.  We sit outside.  Life is good.

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