IMG_5008Ah, serendipity.  We were on our way to Volterra, when our Driver (Margaret) said “Hell with it, let’s go to Monteriggioni,” and turned off the road.  We thought it would be a two-hour detour at most.  Turns out this is the most charming little town, apparently undiscovered by Rick Steves, that we could possibly have imagined.  Excellent lunch with exotic wild boar and the worst wine so far (white was good though).  The osso bucco (marrow bone) was totally as good as I remembered.

In contrast to Siena, the Romanesque church is small and simple, just beautiful.  Nancy calls it “the city of cats.”  A bonus: we discovered the resident cat sleeping under a sign that said in two languages, “Do not touch. I am having some rest.  Thank you.”  No the cat was not dead.  We saw it flick an ear, and Margaret saw it get up and stretch.  It is cared for by the entire village.  Possibly it eats pigeons too – there are lots of those.  Anyway, he was not the lean and hungry type.

We loved the view from the hilltop and city walls.  We stayed the rest of the day.

IMG_4981IMG_4979 IMG_4992 IMG_5021 IMG_5024 IMG_5044 IMG_5054IMG_5001

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5 thoughts on “Monteriggioni

  1. ST Katz

    Great idea David… Bonell is the perfect choice! Looks like a grand time… happy for you all! xox


  2. We got a laugh out of this, David!!


  3. Lynne Allen

    I want to join ROYL! But I’ve promised a friend to visit her in Ireland next August (the warmest month). You guys interested? Or can I meet you somewhere afterwards? Think of me!

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  4. David Hitt

    Let’s have a sign made like that for Bonell’s naps!!! “Do not touch — I’m resting.” Very cute!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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