Snug and lazy, just the thing

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A little rain and gloom today but still good deck walking–so far too lazy for the gym–walk twice a day. Wind up to 30 knots  yesterday, closed the outside decks for a while. Last night the sky cleared for a little bit and the stars were beautiful then it closed up again. Now reading in the winter garden–snug. Love to all.


to Joyce

Sounds wonderful Joyce – lazy is a great vacation word, right?

Do you know we can follow your progress across the Atlantic on Cunard’s website? There is a little tiny ship in the middle of the ocean, actually more on the GB side now, heading toward Southampton. David is following you and so am I.

Our travel time is getting close – we leave TOMORROW! I’m sure we’re all online trying to check in already, but of course we won’t be able to do that until 8:40 tonight.

Thanks for your email, and for sending pictures!!


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One thought on “Snug and lazy, just the thing

  1. David Hitt

    Greetings to all Royals! I’m so thrilled to be following along with my Royal friends with your postings and photos. Ever since the little ship on the Cunard website nestled in to Southampton and knew Joyce was getting off, I was excited about the next photos and writings from this Royal advenutre with your highnesses the travelers. The rental car chapter and logistics has me laughing in my chair with the morning’s coffee nearly spilling in my lap. Indeed, an apt title for that chapter is “less pissing around and more time for sightseeing” or….TAXI!!!!! Sending you thoughts of happy travel, beautiful sights, tasty meals and GREAT wine. Love love love. Xoxoxo David


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