We won Siena!

IMG_4653 copyToday’s triumphal tour of Siena:   “The Cathedral? You have to love the beautiful colors of the paintings. They didn’t look like they were 500 years old.” – Nancy “I loved the museum and the wild taxi rides through Siena, hearts in our mouths, he wind in our hair, scattering pedestrians and motor scooters everywhere.  An Italian Disney World.” – Joyce.   Jim James says, “Wine’s good.  The villa is an ideal piece of property.  We are so lucky to be here.” “As I climbed the tower to the top I met people from Germany, Park City, Toronto, and a lot more, and I talked to them all.  I took pictures of people I don’t even know.” – Bonell.  “I loved the incredible taxi ride”; you couldn’t find a carney ride that was more breathtaking.  And then to my delight, I found a shop that smelled so good – real leather and great prices!.  I’m looking forward to returning to Siena to shop before we return home.” – Sally  “Siena is my favorite city.  The palio; the districts with mascots like snails, mollusks, fish, and unicorns; the big central square actually shaped like a D.  The gelato.” -Robin

IMG_4680 copy

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