A day of mystery travel . . .

So we’re at the airport, groggy and nervous, and Marge gives us our boarding passes for a 7:30 am flight to New York – but no more information than that!  We could be going just about anywhere, and of course speculation was the order of the day.  FINALLY we line up to board and we’re standing next to a pilot in uniform, probably commuting to New York to pilot a plane from there to somewhere.  We joke, “Are you going to be our pilot today?”  “Not unless you’re flying to Athens,” he says (smugly I think).  Oh haha, we say to each other – no chance we’d be going that far away, but don’t we wish!

But of course we were so wrong.  That was indeed our pilot from New York to Athens, which we found out a few hours later.  Athens!  Most of us were too excited to sleep in spite of Benedryl or Dramamine or whatever OTC drugs we brought with us.  We arrived in Athens the next day, middle of the night our time but already well into the morning there.

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