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Joyce makes trouble in Bryant Park

Emails today . . .
Robin,Bryant Park Carousel
Went into Manhattan this afternoon, walked around Times Square and over to Bryant Park (They have the neatest carrousel, with a wooden cat figure–so of course, I rode it –thus encouraged,other adults also rode–I’m a troublemaker).Met an English couple ( his wife rode), they are also going on the QM. Dinner was Indian food delivered to my room–good chicken korma–too tired to go out. Tomorrow, the ship.
Wonderful – sounds like fun!  I’m glad you’re meeting others on your ship.  It’ll make your voyage more interesting.  Keep us posted, and keep on having a good time.  Bonell, Sally, Nancy, Jim and I went out to Villa Italia for pizza (except I had veal parm).  Tomorrow we’re going to get euros for ourselves, and to pay Giada the rest of the money for the villa when we arrive.  Sally and I stripped our bank account yesterday, and we believe we’ll have some money left over for Tuscan groceries after paying Giada.

Bon voyage!!


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